Institutional Research

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Institutional Research at Kent State University is the central office for information and planning resources. IR analyzes data and utilizes strategic planning and process improvement methods to enhance the performance and effectiveness of all levels of the University.
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Student Data

The Student Data page lists all of our reports related to students including admits, enrolled and non-returning.

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Course Data

The Course Data page lists all of our reports related to courses including grades and course enrollment.

Distance Education Data

Distance Education page lists all of our reports related to distance education including online programs and distance education courses.

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Employee Data

The Employee Data page links to Workload and is used by internal staff only.

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Provost Data

This page links to the Provost Dashboard, Provost Measures, and Diversity Scorecards.

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Other Data

The Other Data page contains links for the Data Dictionary, Campus Statistical Reports, RCM model, and IGM models. The RCM and IGM models are for internal use only and require logging in.

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Flash Insights

Flash Insights is a repository of Kent State University dashboards, reports and applications by subject area. Access is determined by your university department and role. .