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The Student Enrollment report shows either the student enrollment or the credit hours by the level of detail selected. Enrollments can be selected by Campus, College, Department, Major and /or Minor, 2nd Major or Sub-Major. Enrollments can also be selected by sex, ethnicity, class level or UG/GR. Data returned will be shown by the level of detail selected. 15th day or End-of-Term and Fall, Spring or both semesters can also be selected. Preponderant or Concurrent counts are available.

Some users require enrollments totaled for all students in a program – majors, minors, second majors. An option to pull this information is included in the lower part of the screen. Follow the directions shown to correctly pull that information.

This report shows the enrollments for the term and time frame selected.

  • The Program Filters are based on "and" statements. You will get students that have the Program 1 AND Program 2 by selecting a Second Program.
  • Follow the directions under the Display Filters section if you are looking for the number of students that have your major as first major, minor or second major.